Digital Photography

Digital Photography

Photo 1010

46 Hours / 1 months + 2 weeks course


A Complete Course in Professional Photography covers everything you need to know about the art, technique, and business of photography. The Side bar outline is an overview of the major topics covered in the course, starting from History of photography , camera and studio Setup and equipments , light distribution for portrait , commercial photography and landscapes beside studying how to design the frame content and frame composition till joining our 3yeen annual photography expo .

Camera techniques

Lighting Setup and Exposure

Frame composition and design

Indoor Project

Outdoor Photography

Image adjustment

why Digital Photography ?

Our Professional Digital Photography Course is our most popular training program. It has launched Lots of people to get successful  and professional photographs. It has just been revised to include the latest information about digital photography.

Our Photography course covers the main three triangles heads in getting the right photographs

camera techniques, lighting setup and frame design.



This course provides beginners and advanced users alike an area for reference and a place to learn new techniques and how to get professional photo

Program of Studying

The Course is 46 hours including 21 hours free workshop

Classes is 2 times per week and 3 hours per class

course duration lasts for 3 months and 2 weeks

our trainee is offered all training materials and courseware files for Free

This Course is an Adobe Certified Course

graduates can register for the ACE exam at Fusion and get 25 % from international exam Price.

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Students WorkShops

This Photo by Sayed Abd Al-Galil Digital Photography graduate, His photo "Sail Maker" published in 1X

3yeen Competition

Fusion Launch's an annual competition between digital photography course graduates under supervision from the Egyptian photography association .