Junior Courses

Junior Photography and Design

Junior Photography and Design

JPD 1010

40 Hours / 1 month course

History of Photography.
Camera techniques. Lighting basics. Frame Design.


Photoshop. Image adjustment.

            Composition & layout

                 Final projects                     


Fusion entitles courses that are especially designed for Juniors, to widen the horizons of creativity in
their minds.
Have an ambitious, creative Junior, reserve a place in Fusion Juniors and feel the difference.

Program of Studying

The Course is 40 hours including 24 hours free workshop

Classes is 2 times per week and 3 hours per class

course duration lasts for 1 month

our trainee is offered all training materials and courseware files for Free

This Course is an Adobe Certified Course

graduates can register for the Associate and Professional exams at Fusion and get 25 % from international exam Price.

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Why Fusion Junior Courses

Fusion VFX Academy is Certified from most famous
companies in Graphics & Multimedia field worldwide

Fusion VFX Academy is Certified from most famous
companies in Testing & Certifcation worldwide

A maximum number of 8 students in the class
Fusion offers free seminars to get you updated
with the latest technologies

Fusion’s instructors are both, certified and professional

A project is to be handed in at the end of the
project , to be added to the student’s c.v.


Special courses for teens & kids to enhance their
creativity opening new Future opportunites

Fusion provides a free membership to its students
to enjoy special offersthat are exclusive for Fusioners.

Students WorkShops

This Project by Hussam Awad advertising and Print graduate, Wins in Round 6 Design of Hugo create Challenge

This Photo by Sayed Abd Al-Galil Digital Photography graduate, His photo "Sail Maker" published in 1X