Video and Audio Production

Select from our Professional Courses Bellow :

Create a Professional Movie Using Adobe Post Production Programs , starting with learning the cinematography theories and techniques and camera setup, frame design then our Adobe certified instructors will take you through the adobe production premium programs using Photoshop for design, premiere pro for video editing, after effects for motion graphics and composting and finally audition for sound recording and editing.

Film Making Production

FM 1010

102 Hours / 3 months course

Final Cut Pro

FC 1010

81 Hours / 3 months course + 1 week

An amazing new timeline. Dynamic media organization that takes the work out of finding clips. And blazing performance. its not Just an editing Software and its not just a different Cut , but its a Whole new Production , Final Cut Pro is an apple software and works on apple computers , providing high power performance in video editing using final cut pro and motion graphics and composting with motion.

Digital Photography

PH 1010

46 Hours / 1 months + 2 weeks course

A Complete Course in Professional Photography covers everything you need to know about the art, technique, and business of photography. starting from History of photography , camera and studio Setup and equipments , light distribution for portrait , commercial photography and landscapes beside studying how to design the frame content and frame composition till joining our 3yeen annual photography expo .

TV & Film Directing & Videography Production

TVD 1010

72 Hours / 3 months course

A Professional Course in TV and Film Directing with Professional Videography using HDTV Cams and Digital SLR camera producing High definition videos for Film and TV production covers everything you need to know about the art, technique, and business of independent film makers . starting from Script Writing ,directing,  camera and studio Setup and equipment , light distribution and video editing .