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What's New in DaVinci Resolve 16

What's New in DaVinci Resolve 16

This video demonstrates some of the new features in Davinci Resolve 16. The first half of the video covers the new cut page, while the rest of the video covers dozens of other new features across the rest of the application. 00:00 Introduction 00:15 Difference between Edit and Cut pages 01:00 Cut page interface overview 01:43 Cut page media pool 02:19 Cut page dual timeline 02:46 Cut page scratch trimming 03:10 Cut page smart edit features 04:30 Cut page trimming 04:50 Cut page graphical trim editor 05:28 Cut page transitions and smooth cut buttons 06:23 Cut page source tape mode 07:26 Cut page fast review 07:46 Cut page transformation, retiming, audio tools 08:35 Cut page title 3D templates and other effects 08:58 Cut page quick export and upload 09:15 Edit page custom timeline settings 09:38 DaVinci Neural Engine and facial recognition 10:15 Edit page automatic Smart Bins and organization 10:45 Edit page Speed Warp retiming with neural engine 11:14 Edit page adjustment clips 11:30 Edit page new Resolve FX 11:35 Edit page realtime Fusion 3D title templates 11:58 Edit page shot stabilization 12:17 Edit page curve editor for Resolve FX and Open FX 12:27 Edit page rectified and full audio waveforms 12:33 Edit page tape style audio scrubbing 12:43 Native integration 13:27 Fusion page performance 13:53 Fusion page GPU accelerated tools 14:11 Color page new feature introduction 14:23 Color page DaVinci Neural Engine color and shot match 14:42 Color page curves with histogram overlay 14:55 Color page paste attributes 15:00 Color page Gallery interface improvements 15;27 Color page new split screen options 15;36 Color page smart fill object removal  15:58 Color page Resolve FX and neural engine 16:38 Color page keyframe editor for Resolve FX and Open FX 16:50 Color page GPU accelerated scopes 18:07 Color page viewer channel options 18:23 Fairlight page introduction 18:30 Fairlight page new automation controls 18:40 Fairlight page automation preview 18:54 Fairlight page bus and VCA timeline tracks 19:18 Fairlight page new loudness and metering tools 19:39 Fairlight page loudness graph in timeline 19:55 Fairlight page clip normalization options 20:05 Fairlight page ProTools session import 20:20 Fairlight page immersive 3D audio support 20:44 Fairlight page 3D panner and new 3D Space View 21:18 Fairlight page B-chain monitoring and setup options 21:35 Fairlight page elastic wave alignment for dialog sync 21:59 Fairlight page new Fairlight FX plugins 22:10 Fairlight FX Frequency Analyzer 22:24 Fairlight FX Limiter 22:40 Fairlight FX Phase Meter 23:00 Fairlight FX Dialog Processor 23:55 Fairlight page free foley sound library 24:10 Fairlight FX Foley Sampler 25:20 DaVinci Resolve 16 summary


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