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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find some important answers for your questions , and do not hesitate to send us if you need any more information

Why do I have to Choose Fusion ?

Because Fusion VFX academy is Providing Authorized ​- Professional - Certified Training Courses from the world Leaders graphics industries companies .

- at the end of the course after making your final project by your self you get an international certificate from them.

- also Fusion teach you using real production footage course-ware files and inside real production environment using latest training facilities from projectors , apple computers and studios.

- Our Prices are Funded and  75 % less than the international pricing of these course and We do not have any hidden costs.

- Finding good job chances inside and outside Egypt for our creative graduates.

- Small groups in classes from 6 to 8 persons maximum.

What type of Computers do we use inside classes ?

80% of Our Classes are using Apple i Mac Computers for our professionals and specialized courses , and we are working on making our classes 100 % on Mac for faster performance and best results .

What Authorizations do you have ?

we are the only Authorized training center for E-on Software Vue xstreme in Middle east used in avatar , kung fu panda , 2012 , Pirates of the Caribbean and Terminator Salvation , and the only Authorized training center for Toon Boom Animation Cartoon in Egypt the world leader animation cartoon software and the only used by Disney , cartoon network and nickelodeon TV channels . also we are authorized training center from Apple in teaching the latest unleashed Editing Software Final Cut Pro X . and Authorized From the Autodesk the Most advanced 3D software 3D Max and Maya adding for them our Authorization From Maxon in Cinema 4D and Our Authorization From Adobe the leaders and Graphic design software and video editing and composting .​

What International Certificate to you offer ?

We Offer international certificates from our authorizations programs providers , every one of these companies have there own certificate with there international program , and after completing your course and finishing your final project then you will be able to get these international certificate.

What offers if we registered for more than one course ?

 we offer a more 10 % off for the next course , and also you can buy a member ship card to make use of a 30 % off for 3 years on on any of our professional courses.

Do you offer Us a copy from the software ?

we are sorry but we are respecting law and software license , but we can help you to get a special discount for a student license from software resellers . but we will offer you all courseware files for free.

How many Student in the same class ?

​Our Classes is arranged to start from 6 persons with a maximum of 8 students per class , and we offer special courses from 1 to 3 persons maximum with extra fees of specializations in number of students and schedule times but with the same content and instructors as normal classes

Whats the terms of payments and what facilities you offer  ?

we offer Cash payment with a 3 % administrative discount and installment payments through the full period of training with a 10 % down payment to reach 50% within first class . also we accept Visa cards , bank check and bank accounts money transfer .

When do you start your classes and schedules ?

​we Start our classes from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm or from 5:00 pm till 8:00 pm and our last class is from 8:00 pm till 11:00 pm , our Schedule is 2 days every week ( Saturday with Tuesday ) or ( Sunday with Wednesday ) or ( Monday with Thursday ) also we sometimes schedule some special classes in friday . these times sometimes may changes regarding some of our professional courses due to certain circumstances.

Do you offer online or distance learning ?

yes we offer online and distance learning but only for special and certain courses through a specific setup and Skype accounts and net op controllers Setup-ed by our technical support department.

Who are your instructors  ?

Our Instructors experts and international certified in there subjects due to our hard interviews and software authorizations instructors exams so they have to pass the instructors exam and the interviews showing his experience in the field of production and training together to be sure that he will deliver the professionally of use and to deliver it using the right way.

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