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Adobe Film Making Certified Diploma

    • Cinematography

    • Lighting & Montage

    • Scenario 

    • Story boarding

    • Video Standards

    • PhotoShop for videos

    • Adobe Premiere Pro

    • Adobe After Effects

    • Adobe Audition

    • Final Project

  • Create a Professional Movie Using Adobe Post Production Programs , starting with learning the cinematography theories and techniques and camera setup, frame design then our Adobe certified instructors will take you through the adobe production premium programs using Photoshop for design, premiere pro for video editing, after effects for motion graphics and composting and finally audition for sound recording and editing.

    Film making pro is one of our professional diplomas that covers the post production workflow starting from scenario and story boarding till exporting your final video file containing your shots edited and color corrected , your sound and music and also your motion graphics and visual effects shots thats why this diploma is very useful for people who was to finalize there short movies or who what to design there visual effects and motion graphics presentations and demos for their work or TV channel intros and animated interfaces​

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