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Toon Boom Harmony is the most cutting-edge software available, offering a stunning array of tools that blow the doors wide open to a new animation experience. Harmony Standalone provides individual users the opportunity to work with the time-proven animation software that is relied upon in studios worldwide. Also, as a freelancer, you will enjoy working alongside studios that are on the Harmony Solution.


  • Showing your creativity on your terms

  • Flexibility, functionality and fluidity of the tools allow you to create with the quality of traditional animation

  • All-in-one tool for efficient animation, from drawing to final production

  • Save on cost and time

  • Work with the digital solution chosen by the leading animation studios setting the standard

Toon Boom Animation Harmony Certified Course

    • Sketching and creating characters

    • ToonBoom Harmony

    • animation

    • Color

    • Lipsync

    • 3D+Camera

    • Effects

    • Final Project

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