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Our Graduates Success Stories


Abd El Rahman El Sayad

I have Studied at Fusion 3D design using 3D Max , Vue xstreme and Cinema 4D earning a professional skills and i work hard to make use of these professional programs in my work and my country , and now I have my own Company Creative Motion in Dubai for Media, Advertising and event planning , the most important specialized companies in the field of media, Events and Festivals and this is based on the honorable record of the company with a lot of companies in different fields.


Mohamed Adel

I have Deside to Start building my 3D movies so I choosed Fusion as an Especial 3D training center and Authorized from Autodesk, Maxon and E- on software , I learned Maya 3D and E-on Software Vue Xstreme and I worked also in Learning blender 3D and 3d Max tutorials to gather as much 3D tools as i can and after I have graduated i started in  Mirqah Company with the great team there to build our  3D short movies for Wazi Program , hope you like it.


Michael Maher

Working at BTS digital Fx , and I have started at Fusion VFX academy 4 years ago and it was really a change in my life till i reached to be a Compositor and VFX artist at BTS . I shared in alot of professional projects for alot of clients using all the tools i have learned at fusion 2d and 3d programs, video editing and compositing using After Effects and from there professional instructors, best of Luck and Success to all Fusion VFX academy Team .


Mohamed Yosry

Working For Egyptian Army Forced Graphic design Team , myself and my team have learned and updated our skills in 3D design and Visual Effects by attending special professional courses at Fusion VFX academy, We really learned a lot not only new programs but also how to be creative and professionals , also they taught us how to search for best result and encourage us in how to compete and update our self.


Amira Mostafa

Working as our Toon Boom Instructor at Fusion VFX , graduated from Faculty of Fine arts and Was one of our best traniees in Toon Boom animation cartoon course ,Now she is an animator for Kharabeesh also , and she integrate he animation skills and her toon boom training in making her great animation work and in teaching her certified Toon boom classes at Fusion.


Sherif El Sebaey

Graduate from Faculty of Fine arts and Learned Film Making , Maya 3D and Toon Boom animation , he is a creative artist and he used his skills of drawing and story boarding to produce quality results digital animations from what he learned at Fusion


Mostafa Assery

Graduate from Faculty of Fine arts and Learned Film Making and Adobe After effects at Fusion VFX academy , and Now he is an animator and video compositor for Kharabeesh animations ,  He integrate and compose his drawings and animations to produce great final results with special effects .

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