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Apple FinalCut pro



​About Apple FinalCut pro

An amazing new timeline. Dynamic media organization that takes the work out of finding clips. And blazing performance. its not Just an editing Software and its not just a different Cut , but its a Whole new Production


Final Cut Pro is an apple software and works on apple computers , providing high power performance in video editing using final cut pro and motion graphics and composting with motion

Why Final Cut Pro X ?

Magnetic Timeline : Suddenly, everything falls into place.​

​Multicam: Powerful. No matter how you look at it.

Clip Connections : Keep it together.

Compound Clips: Say goodbye to timeline clutter.

Inline Precision Editor : Perfect the pacing.Right in the timeline.

Auditions It’s never been easier to choose the perfect shot.

Content Auto-Analysis : Let your media organize itself.

Smart Collections : Search without a second thought.

Course topics

  • Using Mac

  • Video Standards

  • Final Cut Pro

  • Motion

  • Compressor

  • Color

  • Soundtrack Pro

  • DVD Studio Pro

  • WorkShop

  • Practical implementation and graduation project


FinalCut Course enables you to start edit and add effect to your movies , recording and editing his audio and video , also will be able to make his own motion graphics for intros and demos and can make special effects to his scenes .

FinalCut Showreel


This professional course is by

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