Fusion VFX Media & Film Services

Fusion VFX is a Part of Fusion art Labs , and provide three Main Services Professional Certified Training , Online Training ( distance training ) and Multimedia post production services .

we provide top quality for our main three services by certifying our instructors and designers, by authorizing our programs , and by updating our studios and equipments .

Authorized Training Courses

Providing Authorized certified training and International testing for Graphics , Multimedia and Audio / Video Production .

Certified Trainers and international Certificates inside our professional up to date repaired labs and studios.

We provide Lab classes, special private classes , and online distance learning .

Our Program of training is divides into professional diplomas , Mastering Program Courses and Special Course . for more information about our programs of study click here >> More

Online Distance Learning

we offer online and distance learning but only for special and certain courses that can be taught Online and do not need your attendance , this online distance for people who finding difficult s to travel and arrange their times with our classes and it works through a specific setup and Cisco Secured and safe accounts using Full controllers Audio Video Conference meeting

Its easy Setuped and fully supported by our technical support department.to find more about online distance learning click here >> More

Multimedia Post Production

This Service is made by our technical Stuff with the assist of our graduates to serve the market with our technical experience and our professional Software , equipments and studios in producing and finalizing Multimedia and graphic designs for our clients with high quality .

We know how to get the best results from our tools to help you deliver you message with the right way using the right channel and with better quality .

here is some of our services :

- Advertising Campaigns , design and printing

- Television Channels Identity and design

- TVCs production / Post production

- Video Clips Production / Post production

- Documentary films

- Composting and Special Effects

- Advanced Video Editing

- 3D Films design and Animation

- 3D architectural Design and render