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Celebrating our new BETA Ver 01 Arabic interface website

fusion is launching its new arabic interface website in april to be able to reach most arab speaking language customers all over the arab world . 


Fusion is Member of Blender Professional Network


Blender Now at Fusion

Blender Courses Coming exclusively at Fusion,
Fusion is Part of Blender Official professional Network



New Classes // Courses for Juniors

Juniors 2013 Classes Now Available

Fusion entitles courses that are especially designed for Juniors, to widen the horizons of  creativity in their minds.

Have an ambitious, creative Junior, reserve a place in Fusion Juniorsand feel the difference.

scholarships // Coming Soon ​ 

Certified Programs
scholarships funded by Fusion VFX academy to Egyptian Youth to upgrade there skills and qualify them for better job chances outside and inside Egypt , more details about scholar ship programs will be published soon .

International Exams // a 25 % OFF on exams ​ 

For a limited time offer a 25 % Off on all our Authorized Programs international Exam ( Apple Pro Exams ) ( Autodesk Pro and Associate exams ) even ( Adobe ACE exams )