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Online Courses

Effective online training, and rich, collaborative learning environments.

​It’s easy to be professional now , online and distance learning but only for special and certain courses that can be taught Online and do not need your attendance , this online distance for people who finding difficult s to travel and arrange their times with our classes and it works through a specific setup and Cisco Secured and safe accounts using Full controllers Audio Video Conference meeting

Its easy Setuped and fully supported by our technical support department.

Online Distance Learning

Delivering highly interactive classes and training online, with video, breakout sessions, and hands-on learning labs. E commerce and sophisticated testing, tracking, and grading capabilities are built right in.

Dynamic, interactive learning experiences

Keep focused and interested with high-definition video Application Sharing in the main session. participate and interact with Voice , threaded Q&A, and lively group or private chat.

Learn new products  in days instead of months, or make continuing education more convenient . Learning is accelerated in collaborative breakout sessions, and learners get real practice in hands-on labs

For further assistance:
verify that you meet the minimum system requirements.
Join a test meeting to confirm that you're able to successfully join a meeting.


If you don't want to install the desktop app, you can choose to start or join meetings from the web app.

You can join a meeting from your Android phone when away from the office. Learn how to use Webex Meetings mobile on Android devices.

You can join a meeting from your iPhone when away from the office. Learn how to use Webex Meetings mobile on iOS devices.

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