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Digital Film & TV Directing & Videography 



​About Digital Film & TV Directing & Videography 

Directors take overall responsibility for the look, sound and style of a production. They can work in documentaries, film or television drama, light entertainment, commercials, news or corporate video. They could direct single or multi-camera operations, and lead a small team or a large cast and crew. Each form requires particular skills and techniques, but all directors use their creative vision, organizational skills and technical knowledge to bring the production together.


Directors work with a wide range of people during the production process. In pre-production, they are involved in detailed planning and preparation, developing the story, working out the logistics of a shoot within time and budget constraints, location scouting, casting and rehearsing.


During production, directors manage all aspects of the shoot including technical and human resources, and health and safety. They make creative decisions and may be responsible for writing or re-writing parts of the script as required. On some documentaries, directors might also operate camera or sound equipment.
In post-production, they oversee editing and sound design. Depending on the project, marketing and fund-raising may also be their responsibility

Course topics

  • Cinematography

  • Senario and Story Boarding

  • Lighting & Production

  • Montage

  • Camera movements

  • Camera angles

  • Decoupage

  • Setting the location

  • Basic Editing 


Who Finish Digital film & TV Directing & Videography Course will be able to Direct his short movie using a professional video camera and light setup , also he will be able to write and read scripts , manage all aspects of the shoot .

Digital Film & TV Directing & Videography Showreel


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